Winery Marchesi Biscardo


I belong to a family of wine makers that has been making wine in Verona for four generations. It was my great grand father Terenzio Biscardo who had the idea to label the beautiful nectar that was coming out of our vineyard in Valpolicella, and by doing this he started the Biscardo brand, synonymous of high quality and traditional wines of Verona.

I grew up in a little village called Bussolengo, 12,000 souls at that time in the suburbs of Verona, the enchanting city of Romeo and Juliet.
I grew up watching yellow and blue 18 wheelers trucks with my name on the side delivering wine everywhere in Italy.

In the mid 80s my uncle first and my father then, decided to quit the company and they sold their shares to their uncle Luigi Biscardo.

Successfully in the wine business as a trader, my father was selling wine around the world, but not our own wines, as there was not such a thing anymore.
He represented a number of other brands made of small boutique little vineyards from different regions of Italy.

In 2000 I developed a partnership with a winery in Verona that let me use their facility to produce my own wine again. I select the best grapes from the most suitable areas in Valpolicella and with the support of two excellent wine makers, Giuseppe Vassanelli and Giuseppe Gallo we produce the famous Amarone della Valpolicella, the Valpolicella Classico Ripasso and the Marchesi Biscardo name is now on the bottles of my wine.

The rest is history....!

 Nicola Biscardo