Friuli Venezia Giulia

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Friuli Venezia Giulia

Grave del Friuli ALBUS

Grave del Friuli ALBUS Grave del Friuli ALBUS
Grave del Friuli ALBUS
40% Friulano - 30% Chardonnay - 30% Sauvignon Blanc
Friuli Venezia Giulia
Treppo Grande
“Grave” = means hard because the land is very stony
Residual sugar:


Straw-yellow with green highlights.
The wine is rich and flavorful; it combines the structure of the Chardonnay with the aromas of the Sauvigon (cantaloupe, grape fruit) and the unique character of the Friulano (cucumber, green pepper).
This wine is dry, full and harmonious, keeps a good acidity with a long and lingering finish.


 Key selling points - In Italy's most confused wine region, Albus provides a strong example of the best characteristics of Friulian white wine.  It is one of an increasing number of singular and iconic white wines distinguishing themselves from the crowd of varietally named wines in Friuli, a group that is beginning to make significant inroads within leading accounts in the U.S.  Unlike many such wines, Castellargo with Albus does not go too far in its goal of distinguishing itself from the crowd, and does not concern itself with "natural" winemaking, Amphoras, or on the opposite pole, French oak.  This wine's success will be due to the expression of its regional personality and fruit, and its seamless balance.  This is a Friulian white that would be recognized as "typical" by the grandparents of today's Friulian winemakers, but which conveys its cultural authenticity in a thoroughly modern way.  

The closest competitor of Albus is probably Vespa Bianco, though Vespa costs about three times more than Albus.  Tasting these wines side by side is highly advantageous to Albus.  Other competitors are Felluga's Terre Alte, though this has met considerable resistance in the U.S. and is not considered cutting edge, and a few of Jermann's bottlings, though once again, prices are much higher.  It is worth noting that Albus is drier than most top of the line Friulian whites, which use some residual sugar to amplify apparent body and concentration (Jermann is the best example of this).  

Consequently Albus is, relatively speaking, a "Wine for Adults", bone dry, and carrying considerable minerality, while still selling at a very fair price.  

Those not familiar with Friuli will identify Albus most closely with dry Loire valley Chenin Blanc.