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CONEXPORT ITALY (Consortium for the export of prestigious Italian wines) was established in 1987 to promote internationally, a line of high quality Italian wines produced by selected estates from the most notable regions of Italy. The Consortium only associates with producers of proven consistent high quality and a solid reputation among their peers.

The activity of Conexport starts with the visiting of the potential new estate. All aspects of the winery are inspected including the vineyards, cellars and wine making equipment. A panel of experts then does a series of tasting over a period of twelve months to monitor the consistency of the quality of the wines. To export these new estates, Conexport analyzes the packaging and recommends changes for the marketability of the product outside the Italian market. They assist the producers with the proper documentation that is needed both in Italy and for the United States. Finally, the selected wines are sampled by the US Branches for their approval and market potential.

Before being exported each estate has their products analyzed by the government laboratories. Conexport has their own controls through Enocentro, where the quality and aging of the wines is also monitored. In the United States, Conexport V.I.P. has their own office which coordinates and supervises the sales and marketing, a central temperature controlled warehouse for the supply to the markets, and branches that are directed by knowledgeable industry members whose expertise is in Italian wines.

We are proud to announce that we can now ship our products to the U.S.A

Conexport V.I.P. offers U.S.A. customers a selection among the best wines of its wineries. You can choose and order a mix of wines coming from all the Conexport V.I.P wineries. Shipping rates are very attractive, and you can place orders from two to twelve bottles on-line. We have also special selections of assorted wines for the United States, the Wine Club and other great offers.

Wine tasting tours through the vineyards of Italy

From April to September Conexport VIP organizes weekly educational tours focused on the wines of Veneto, Trentino, Friuli, Marche, Toscana and Piemonte regions.

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